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Day 28: The True State of the Union

Obama’s State of the Union Address; Tea Party; Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States; Dozier — an obscure pastor proclaiming that gays make God vomit and his blatant endorsement of Republican candidates; Political Rhetoric Literacy — Follow the Frame; Is a 50% pay cut a win for labor?

Day 20: Corporatism v Distributism

Hour 1: Kristin from OWS in New York talks about #J15, and the various marches and protests taking place.

People are invited to light a candle at 7pm on Martin Luter King Jr. Day to commit to the dream for a more just society – as a global movement. People can get involved at

Jeremiah shares commentary on the impact of 2 Marines desecrating bodies and he calls out the establishment media’s call to censor the story. Also, he calls on the Tea party and OWS to find common ground.

Hour 2: Guest: Emily Heffling of Environment Michigan.Org talks about the #CleanCars campaign of and encourages our listeners to either attend the public hearing in Detroit on January 17, at Courtyard Detroit Downtown, 333 East Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226or to submit comments to the EPA to support the proposal to increase fuel efficiency of vehicles to over 54 mpg.

During the rest of hour two, Jeremiah took your phone calls, discussed the concept of ‘horizontal candidates’ and the upcoming video by the IQQ on January 19 in Grand Rapids.

Hour 3: Jeremiah takes phone calls and talks about Imperialism, and on the debate between Corporatism vs. Distributism.