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Day 28: The True State of the Union

Obama’s State of the Union Address; Tea Party; Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States; Dozier — an obscure pastor proclaiming that gays make God vomit and his blatant endorsement of Republican candidates; Political Rhetoric Literacy — Follow the Frame; Is a 50% pay cut a win for labor?

Day 24: Frik & Frakk

HR 1: Perry is out and endorses Newt, ‘man of Integrity’ Gingrich. Funny how GOP attacks gays on marriage when the GOP has such a terrible record themselves on marriage.

Occupy Activist Matthew, from Nashville, TN, reports on police brutality at DC protest going on at the Mayor’s Convention. [see video]

Romney, his Cayman Island tax haven and the myth of ‘trickle-down’ economy.

HR 2: Obama really is not the most radical Democrat; the ‘vulture capitalist’ frame game; Newscorp ordered to pay fines for phone hacking scandal.

HR 3: How the systemic nature of partisan politics motivates negative ads; Keystone pipeline and frakking.


Day 18: People for Maintaining the Status Quo

Every couple of years we are dragged into the circus of partisanship to protect the status quo. Also, Expatriation Act. Will Obama sign an executive order to reveal political contributions? SCOTUS rules churches can discriminate. Irish priest faces extradition in child sex abuse case. Proportional elections.