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PODCAST: PaleoRadio’s final show, “Farewell is not Goodbye”


Jeremiah and JD in the WPRR studios, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Picture taken by Mr. X in 2012. It was edited by John Moseman in 2013.

Did you miss the FINAL EPISODE of PaleoRadio on WPRR? Listen to “Farewells Are Not Goodbyes” here: It’s an episode for the record books, with inspirational monologues, sentimental callers, and memorable last words. Listen/download it for FREE!

“I’m totally going to have to follow your show, wherever it goes.” - N.L. in Holland, Michigan

“I felt and still feel so honored to have been there during your final segment! As soon as I figured it was your last live segment, I knew I wanted to come down! You went out in a blaze of glory, talking about how good men (and women too!) can be on different sides of issues.” - D.B. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I’m excited for the next chapter of PaleoRadio and The Paleocrat Tribune.” - A.S. in Battle Creek, Michigan

“Loved the show today! I called in for my first (and now last) time… so mission accomplished to live on in the annals of PaleoRadio! I also want to help out to expand the Paleocrat movement because our message needs to be heard.” - N.P. in Comstock Park, Michigan

“I want to thank you for providing a fresh perspective in today’s political arena. Even though I have only been listening to you for a few months, I feel like you are a very honest commentator. I hope you continue to make your opinions heard in one way or another.” J.B. in Denver, Colorado

“It has been a pleasure being partnered with you and being your friend! Only great things to come now!” – T.R. in Kalamazoo, Michigan

“You are such a rockstar. It sounds like you have great things heading your way! I’m so glad you are doing what you love to do. Occupying the airwaves with you and JD has been great. I can’t wait to check out what you are doing next!” - C.G. in Union City, Michigan

“Your show held nothing back and didn’t feed anyone bullshit like the rest of the ‘mainstream’ media. Good luck, man. Let us know about your future endeavors or what station I’ll be hearing you on, hopefully soon.” - N.M. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Best of luck to you. Will miss the show VERY much. Will continue to follow your work.” - E.C.W. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

“All of us from Killing Faith give our best wishes!” - Killing Faith in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Thank the Gods, I’m Not Rush Limbaugh!


Angela L Bannister and I were listening to Rush Limbaugh on WOOD 1300 AM while doing errands today, and I couldn’t help but to sigh and shake my head. Whether talking about marriage equality, freedom, or American exceptionalism, one fact became abundantly clear: for Limbaugh, everything, and I mean everything, comes back full-circle to the Republican/Democrat partisan paradigm, where everything is seen as black & white… well, red & blue.

Here’s the sum:

Marriage Equality – Gays and lesbians just want tax breaks currently enjoyed by married straight couples. He made no mention of the Social Security benefits, family and medical leave eligibility, immigration perks, federal employee benefits, or any of the many benefits married straight couples enjoy that, enduring inequality under the law, gays and lesbians do not even qualify for, much less enjoy.

Freedom – According to Limbaugh, the only truly emancipated American blacks are conservative Republicans… seriously. His rationale is that the only reason American blacks have for being Democrats is–wait for it–that they are unwilling (or unable?) to take control of their own destiny and prefer subjection and subservience to freedom and ownership. Limbaugh compounded the insult by insisting that freedom is an easy-to-grasp universal–it would do Limbaugh well to read George Lakoff’s “Whose Freedom?”

Exceptionalism – I’ve heard Limbaugh talk about this issue many times, and each time was more embarrassingly absurd and inaccurate than the previous time. It’s ridiculous enough to argue that American exceptionalism has historically meant nothing more to politicians and pundits than that America is “just different” from the rest of the nations of the world. Limbaugh knows this well and good–it wasn’t long ago that he went to town criticizing President Obama for implying that America, far from being above reproach, was just one nation among many, apologizing for what he believes to be American misdeeds in history; it’s entirely disingenuous, however, for Limbaugh to deny that he himself has believed that America is better than, even superior to, other nations. His insincerity here may only be rivaled by both his constant insistance that he isn’t part of the GOP’s establishment in-crowd and his terribly unrealistic assurances that he personally has nothing to gain from spinning things howsoever he chooses.

Partisanship – For the life of him, Limbaugh can’t bring himself to trash  his vintage partisan 3D glasses for the clear transpartisan shades wherein people may see things as they are, allowing them to render truly independent praise and criticism–regardless of political party and/or religious affiliation. Everything turns into a grotesque either/or wherein “liberal Democrats are the source of all evil” and “conservative Republicans are the source of all goodness.”  Eery problem has a one-size-fits-all solution: pin the tail on the donkey!

Simplicity – Per usual, most any and all issues “really are very simple.” In Limbaugh’s world, there’s no complexity, no shades of grey, and no loose ends. All that’s required in Limbaugh’s partisan wonderland is that he (and everyone else) view any and all good things through the red lens wherein conservative Republicans get all the praise, whereas all bad things must be seen through the blue lens wherein liberal Democrats receive all the blame. In the event that the facts on the ground make such forced analysis possible, all one must do is close their eyes, cover their ears, redirect to instances already defined by partisans in terms of “red = good” and “blue = bad,” and top if off with a hefty serving of mockery and ridicule–the worst being saved for anyone and everyone who may prefer the technicolor of clarity seen through clear transpartisan lenses.

You know, I’ve got more than a handful of things to be grateful for, no doubt. But since deciding years ago to give myself over to the rough and tumble of talk radio, not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought to myself, “Thank the gods, I’m not Rush Limbaugh…

Marching on the Heels of Progress

Beyond Victimization: The Beauty Myth Revisited

Constrain takes on different forms; for women living in the modernized world, constrain finds it’s strength and expression in ideology, fueled by a kind of backlash and counter-reaction contra the waves of the purest of cultural progress. New ideas (and novel ideals) are, as ought to reasonably be expected, both busts and boons, accompanied by things both longed-for and abhorred. Consider the reproductive revolution of 1965. Women of the West, at long last, had more than a sense of power over their lives; they had actual control. This was equally true of the station women held in the moment as it was of that place women hoped one day to arrive: to go to school, to hold a job, to have a child if and when she so desired, when she deemed it both right and good. How radically different! How tremendously revolutionary! How truly (and powerfully) feminine!

But as with anything deemed well and good by a significant segment of any given population, there were (and continue to be) those who stood steadfast and resolute in their opposition. If only they were sincere to a number. If only the opposition included no peddlers and profiteers with the worst of the worst motivations. Adding insult to injury, the devious bludgeoned the public with unrealistic expectations, offering a magic potion conveniently protected by politicians and patent, provided exclusively by them and them alone.

Enter Barbie. With her flowing, marvelously manageable hair, her ever-so long legs and terribly unrealistic proportions, she provided increasingly empowered women with an ideal as unrealistically achievable as it was successfully pitched by those with the world to gain. Women longing to fit into the one-size-fits-none figure and frame of the new American beauty ideal crashed and burned through a never-ending litany of calorie-counting diets. – all too often with women finding their way to ward, pumped full of chemicals better served by a culturally out of vogue three-course meal. Women rushed the gates of the medical industry, seeking the new-and-improved them that their parents and nature failed to produce. Purses were soon full to overflowing with cosmetics that failed to redeem even the most professionally perfected of paintbrushed performers. Depression, anxiety, self-loathing and suicide commenced – these being the most natural consideration of all the aforementioned!Such a dirge would be tragic enough were women not to stand and fall on it’s scales.

Of course, knowing as much is arguably only half the battle. The pertinent consideration – so long and overdue – concerns deciding where to go from where we are. Should we accept the artificially imposed status quo? Should we refrain from sharp criticisms, granting (for fear of being accused of conspiratorial musings) the best of best political, economic and cultural intentions to the rich and heinous who stood to gain from not merely halting women’s progress but turning back the clock by forcing society forward to a Utopian day-and-age of no fat or wrinkle? Or ought we do our better judgments the service of serious reflection, conjuring up our natural best in an effort to revitalize the radical pursuit of self-actualization and acceptance; and not merely of ourselves but also of the nature wherein we live and move and have our being?

In this writers opinion, we’d do well to fight for the latter, following the braver and bolder of modern women of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes in their revolutionary march on the heels of progress.

Except from the DVD, “The Beauty Myth,” by Naomi Wolf.