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Thank the Gods, I’m Not Rush Limbaugh!


Angela L Bannister and I were listening to Rush Limbaugh on WOOD 1300 AM while doing errands today, and I couldn’t help but to sigh and shake my head. Whether talking about marriage equality, freedom, or American exceptionalism, one fact became abundantly clear: for Limbaugh, everything, and I mean everything, comes back full-circle to the Republican/Democrat partisan paradigm, where everything is seen as black & white… well, red & blue.

Here’s the sum:

Marriage Equality – Gays and lesbians just want tax breaks currently enjoyed by married straight couples. He made no mention of the Social Security benefits, family and medical leave eligibility, immigration perks, federal employee benefits, or any of the many benefits married straight couples enjoy that, enduring inequality under the law, gays and lesbians do not even qualify for, much less enjoy.

Freedom – According to Limbaugh, the only truly emancipated American blacks are conservative Republicans… seriously. His rationale is that the only reason American blacks have for being Democrats is–wait for it–that they are unwilling (or unable?) to take control of their own destiny and prefer subjection and subservience to freedom and ownership. Limbaugh compounded the insult by insisting that freedom is an easy-to-grasp universal–it would do Limbaugh well to read George Lakoff’s “Whose Freedom?”

Exceptionalism – I’ve heard Limbaugh talk about this issue many times, and each time was more embarrassingly absurd and inaccurate than the previous time. It’s ridiculous enough to argue that American exceptionalism has historically meant nothing more to politicians and pundits than that America is “just different” from the rest of the nations of the world. Limbaugh knows this well and good–it wasn’t long ago that he went to town criticizing President Obama for implying that America, far from being above reproach, was just one nation among many, apologizing for what he believes to be American misdeeds in history; it’s entirely disingenuous, however, for Limbaugh to deny that he himself has believed that America is better than, even superior to, other nations. His insincerity here may only be rivaled by both his constant insistance that he isn’t part of the GOP’s establishment in-crowd and his terribly unrealistic assurances that he personally has nothing to gain from spinning things howsoever he chooses.

Partisanship – For the life of him, Limbaugh can’t bring himself to trash  his vintage partisan 3D glasses for the clear transpartisan shades wherein people may see things as they are, allowing them to render truly independent praise and criticism–regardless of political party and/or religious affiliation. Everything turns into a grotesque either/or wherein “liberal Democrats are the source of all evil” and “conservative Republicans are the source of all goodness.”  Eery problem has a one-size-fits-all solution: pin the tail on the donkey!

Simplicity – Per usual, most any and all issues “really are very simple.” In Limbaugh’s world, there’s no complexity, no shades of grey, and no loose ends. All that’s required in Limbaugh’s partisan wonderland is that he (and everyone else) view any and all good things through the red lens wherein conservative Republicans get all the praise, whereas all bad things must be seen through the blue lens wherein liberal Democrats receive all the blame. In the event that the facts on the ground make such forced analysis possible, all one must do is close their eyes, cover their ears, redirect to instances already defined by partisans in terms of “red = good” and “blue = bad,” and top if off with a hefty serving of mockery and ridicule–the worst being saved for anyone and everyone who may prefer the technicolor of clarity seen through clear transpartisan lenses.

You know, I’ve got more than a handful of things to be grateful for, no doubt. But since deciding years ago to give myself over to the rough and tumble of talk radio, not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought to myself, “Thank the gods, I’m not Rush Limbaugh…

Day 67: Never-The-Less & Even-So Moving Forward

TODAY ON PALEORADIO – Not necessarily in this order
1. Contraception & Abortion – Papal directives & the GOP primary platform.
2. Unionism
3. Euthanasia
4. Students suspended for organizing a walkout in defense of teachers.
5. Bullying – vote to get the movie in Grand Rapids
7. Deep Thoughts at 5: Getting beyond labels to get along, disagreeing on the path to common ground, fostering real dialogue to foster real progress.

Santorum’s Fearmongering Lies:

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Students Suspended for Walkout

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Day 61: What it Really Comes To

Today on PaleoRadio
GUEST: Norm Bond, (@NormBond) who is a widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, corporate diversity, sales and multicultural issues. He joins us today to talk about 13-year-old Jada Williams and the controversy surrounding her essay “comparing and contrasting her school experience in 2012 to the educational challenges described in ‘The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.’”

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LISTEN ON WPRR AM1680/95.3FM and online/mobile app from 3pm – 6pm EST today. Let PaleoRadio be your voice for transpartisan truth – give us a call at 616-656-1680 and be a part of the conversation. We also look forward to reading your comments below.

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Ron Paul Visits West Michigan

HUDSONVILLE, MI – About 1500 people packed the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville to hear Ron Paul speak in a surprise campaign visit Sunday evening, with 400 more standing outside in the cold listening to Paul’s words over a speaker.

The crowd included people who identified themselves as libertarian, liberal, and conservative, however most identified themselves as Greg Dykema of Hudsonville. “I don’t consider myself being bound to other people’s agenda. I believe inthe Constitution and that people should be able to live their own lives as long as it doesn’t harm the person of possession of another.”

Dykema, who wore a brightly lettered t-shirt that read “End the Fed,” said, “The Federal Reserve is a fraudulent system that keeps us in perpetual debt.” Ending the federal reserve and ending wars were Dykema’s top two concerns in this years election.

Ron Paul spoke for nearly an hour. He called the Patriot Act unpatriotic, referred to NDAA as unconstitutional, touched on the war on drugs as a failed policy and he said that the golden rule should be our foreign policy standard.

“We need to mind our own business,” Paul said. “You don’t have to give up liberties to be safe.”

Speaking in one of the most religiously conservative cities in West Michigan, Paul said, “We’ll never agree on how we want to use our freedoms. In a room like this there might be 50 different religious values and some with no religious values at all. But freedom answers the question because we don’t impose ourselves on other people. You do what you want.”

Ron Paul supporter of Berrien County, John Mumaugh, was standing closer to the street, sporting a big sign encouraging people to support medical marijuana legislation. “We are trying to get a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, mainly because of the erosion of the Michigan Marijuana law that’s going on in the legislature.”

Just ahead of the upcoming primary on Tuesday, Ron Paul started his swing through Michigan on Saturday at Central Michigan University, before stopping in Hudsonville today.

Sally Brooks of Plainfield Twp, said, “I am here because I believe in freedom.”

Day 40 Free4All Friday

Today on PaleoRadio, we invited listeners to call us with their topics and we had a few of our own:

Protest against limiting unemployment benefits; HuffPo on pretending they might not vote for Obama; man accused on spreading HIV might not actually have HIV; shifting conservative standards; moral relativism; puppies seeking in the ER waiting room; robbery victim turns robber into a sex slave; court dismisses discrimination case against woman opposed to diversity in employment; Iran, are they are real threat?


Day 39: War on Conscience

Today on PaleoRadio: money in politics; have the super-rich succeeded from the United States; doctrine v actual practice, how the anti-abortion crusade is an attack on the middle class, gay marriage, conservative archetypes.

Day 34: On Nation Under Mammon

Guest: David Silverman

Topics: Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and Planned Parenthood; Glitter bombs, Santorum compares sick children to ipad consumers; Right to work, market mystics and cheap labor conservatives; and David Silverman talks about the upcoming Reason Rally and atheism

Due to technical difficulties, the audio for Day 34 is not available.

Day 25: Going Global

Guests: Cole Dorsey, IWW Grand Rapids Branch Coordinator and Mike Kowalski, IWW Grand Rapids Branch Film Coordinator

Hour 1: IWW – What it is, the history, accomplishments and implications in a global marketplace. GR IWW Facebook Page, BlogSpot, Twitter: @GRIWW

Hour 2: GOP Financial disclosures; SOPA/ PIPA.

Hour 3: Occupy the Court Houses; Third Party Candidates.


Day 24: Frik & Frakk

HR 1: Perry is out and endorses Newt, ‘man of Integrity’ Gingrich. Funny how GOP attacks gays on marriage when the GOP has such a terrible record themselves on marriage.

Occupy Activist Matthew, from Nashville, TN, reports on police brutality at DC protest going on at the Mayor’s Convention. [see video]

Romney, his Cayman Island tax haven and the myth of ‘trickle-down’ economy.

HR 2: Obama really is not the most radical Democrat; the ‘vulture capitalist’ frame game; Newscorp ordered to pay fines for phone hacking scandal.

HR 3: How the systemic nature of partisan politics motivates negative ads; Keystone pipeline and frakking.


Day 23: We Believe in Equality

Hour 1: Republicans attack on Ron Paul’s marriage position; Retirement creeps and military spending; 3rd Parties; Tea Party should be protesting in DC too.

Hour 2: Occupy Activist calls describing how an anti-Occupy bus driver kicked off passengers en route from San Diego to DC on the @Road2Congress; Also punkboyinSF calls to describe the scene in D.C. as an “Epic Day.”

Hour 3: SOPA/ PIPA and intellectual property rights.