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Day 78: (W 4/4/12) Saved by Grace

April 4, 2012
SUMMARY: Gays in Faith Together billboard campaign; Santorum’s lust for war; Howard Morgan; Backward Mobility of the African American middle class; Save the Post Office; Speaking on Atheism

M Kelly and Matthew Clark from Gays in Faith Together.
John Greathouse and Jesus Mike Gonzales from USPS

31st Hour: We announce excited that we have “Gays in Faith Together” (GIFT) on PaleoRadio today (at 3:10 p.m. EST) to discuss their new (and highly controversial) billboard campaign in West Michigan. Please take a moment to forward this message to your friends to show your support for G.I.F.T.

2nd Hour: Santorum’s lust for war; Howard Morgan, Black Off-Duty Cop Shot 28 Times By White Chicago Officers, Faces Sentencing. Check out the petition to free Howard Morgan. Commentary on an article in the American Prospect on backward mobility of the African American middle class.

3rd Hour: SAVE THE POST OFFICE! We have John Greathouse and Jesus Mike Gonzales from USPS to discuss the changes being proposed for First Class mail service.

Also, Jeremiah comments on the video of him talking at the InterOccupy Circle Pines Retreat about why he rejected Christianity.

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Day 28: The True State of the Union

Obama’s State of the Union Address; Tea Party; Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States; Dozier — an obscure pastor proclaiming that gays make God vomit and his blatant endorsement of Republican candidates; Political Rhetoric Literacy — Follow the Frame; Is a 50% pay cut a win for labor?

Day 8: Happy Birthday Isaac

Jeremiah Bannister elaborates on the New York Times editorial covering Ron Paul’s hate mongering newsletter – discover the connection between Ron Paul, Gary North, Lew Rockwell, the Mises Institute and those who advocate the stoning of gay people. Jeremiah expresses heartfelt happy birthday to his brother. Animal Rights now being equated with terrorism for advocating boycotts. And commentary on Bradley Manning case – how the government is trying to prevent transparency in the trial.

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