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He-Man! ThunderCats! Smurfs! Oh, my!


Speaking of flashbacks, Ed Brayton’s piece (Pat Robertson: Dungeons & Dragons is Demonic) at FreeThoughtBlogs’ Dispatches from the Culture Wars threw me head-first into the deep-end of painfully hysterical childhood memories:

It must have been an 80s flashback day on the 700 Club when Pat Robertson told a viewer that it was wrong to play games involving magic because it’s part of the occult. Oh, and Dungeons and Dragons has literally destroyed people’s lives.

Rewind to the early 80s…

The first seven years of my life were spent in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, not from from a Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) where my parents attended. Having been born in 1978, this lands me within the timeframe of the Christian brouhaha over games like Dungeons & Dragons–and don’t forget that D&D had a cartoon series! It was also the era of cartoons like He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats and the Smurfs. I watches these programs religiously, as did most any other kid not living under a rock; and, as could reasonably be expected, I loved getting toy figures of characters from these programs–what kid didn’t want Battle Cat and Ram Man?

Alas, this childhood happiness was short-lived.

One day, I returned home from school only to be informed that we were having a family meeting. Apparently, some charismaniac had convinced my parents that the cartoons I was watching were demonic, working as conduits for ghosts and gobblins hell-bent on my demise–some even went so far as to insist that Mumm-Ra and Gargamel were reciting actual satanic incantations! So, I was told, there was no other choice than to stop watching these diabolical cartoons and to–brace yourself–give away all my toys to classmates! (This was years before mass toy and CD/DVD burning became en vogue.) I mean, heck, what was more reasonable than Christian parents demanding their Christian son give demonic toys with hellish powers to little kids entirely unaware of the great conspiracy?

To state the obvious, I was devastated! So I did what any vengeful 1st grade boy would do: I gave my demonic toys to the kid who stole my kindergarten girlfriend from me! Poor kid, he had no idea what kind of voodoo just entered his life!

Throughout my life, I’ve often wondered what happened to that little guy. If Robertson & Co. have been right all these years, there’s a change my gift landed him in funny man Mike Warnke’s non-existent satanic cult. The world may never know…

Day 45 – Confronting Reality

Today on PaleoRadio:
Guest: Ed Brayton

Pat Buchanan fired – rightly so; Romney’s recent campaign ad; Obama’s supposed war on religion; ‘What is a progressive?’; Santorum out to lunch on birth control; Jessica Ahlquist’s courageous stand against prayer banner in a public school; and Ed Brayton on religion, culture, politics and his new show on PublicRealityRadio, WPRR.

More about Ed Brayton:
Journalist, Editor, Comedian, Commentator, Blogger – are among the hats Brayton wears. He has appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show and the Thom Hartmann Show, and is almost certain that he is the only person ever to make fun of Chuck Norris on C-SPAN. He is also the owner of the Freethought Blogs network, the president and co-founder of Michigan Citizens for Science, and the voice behind the popular blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

He is a fellow with the non-profit organization Center for Independent Media, and the co-founder of Michigan Citizens for Science. He is the host of Culture Wars Radio on WPRR.

Jessica Hollie
Oakland resident Jessica Hollie spoke to Oakland City Council and Mayor Jean Quan on how she feels about Occupy Oakland, and the city’s effort to pass a resolution increasing police violence in order to prevent future port blockades. We invited Jessica to join us on the air, we are not sure why she did not called but hope to have you on in the future.

Jessica Hollie’s speech can be viewed here:

Download links coming soon!