Press Conference

Remember that feeling you got when the Washington Post followed up on a story first made known to the world by the folks here at PaleoRadio? No?

Hows’bout now?

The story isn’t new, and neither is mainstream media coverage of stories first reported by PaleRadio. Here’s a recap:

1. WXMI Fox 17 followed the trail blazed by PaleoRadio on this story, this story, this story and this story… you’re welcome, and thank you! We do, however, hope that WXMI Content Manager Will Frederick will relay the message that the Paleo in PaleoRadio is pronounced like the paleo in paleolithic and paleo diet… and that PaleoRadio is one word.

2. WWMT Newschannel 3 walked atop footprints in the sand left by PaleoRadio on this story*, this story, and this story… you’re welcome; and for all the disagreement between WWMT News Director Steve Koles and PaleoRadio Editor Jeremiah Bannister over Newschannel 3′s reluctance to give proper attribution to PaleoRadio on-air, we here at PaleoRadio were blown away to see our URL on the video in your recent story covering the Hug/Moye incident, so here’s a big THANK YOU!

3. Washington Times – Is covering the aftermath of Hurricane PaleoRadio… and to thee, the folks at PaleoRadio would like to say, “Thank you, and hello!”

*We were unable to locate WWMT’s coverage of PaleoRadio’s investigation in to then-BCPD Chief Jackie Hampton’s brother, Michael Hampton.

A complimentary reflection from the editor’s desk:

It’s my hope that the many compartmentalized audiences following PaleoRadio (est. 2006) over the years will recognize their connection to the same institution, as well as to one another.

Think back with me for a moment. In fact, let’s start from the beginning, summing it up in one paragraph. Here goes…

The very first people to learn of PaleoRadio were watching Bannister & Sutherby on Battle Creek’s AccessVision in 2006. Others became aware of PaleoRadio later while it was on WOCR, the campus station at Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan. For thousands, it was the program’s presence on YouTube. Others outnumbering even those would be the people first hearing PaleoRadio over the airwaves on WPRR in Grand Rapids, Michigan–and don’t forget the podcast audience! And what of those who’ve learned of us only recently, seeing mainstream media outlets cover stories first made known to the world by PaleoRadio–we have a research genius in Contributing Editor Autumn Smith! Many people discovered PaleoRadio via the Center for Inquiry of Grand Rapids, the Distributist Review, Ed Brayton of Freethought Blogs, and from the guys over at Reasonable Doubts. Heck, shortly after hitting the airwaves in Grand Rapids, Linda Gellasch had Jim Sullivan, then-producer of PaleoRadio, and I on WYCE to discuss the program and our philosophy. Of course, many people learned of the show because of our coverage of the Occupy Movement. And we’ll never know how many first heard us by simple word of mouth! I say all of that to say this: PaleoRadio’s following is really, really diverse, and this has to do, in-part, with the fact that so many different people have learned of PaleoRadio in so many remarkably different ways!

(This is both a bust and a boon, but that’s for another time.)

I’m a proud man–and I’m admittedly braggadocios–but I don’t think I’m being macho or grandiose to insist I’m within my right to say: PaleoRadio has been and currently is a force to be reckoned with… a force both loved and hated by people all over the world since its spontaneously having come into existence on the set of Bannister & Sutherby in 2006!

So, to all of you, allow me to say, “Thank you, and you’re the greatest friends, fans, followers and foes a media man like myself could’ve ever hoped for!”

The Original Paleocrat, Jeremiah Bannister