Monday April 30,2012

Summary: The myth of bootstraps. Torture. Free-Trade is a Lose-Lose Agreement for Workers and the Environment. Does religion get a free ride?

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Show Notes/Links
Hour 1 The myth of bootstraps, commentary on conservative worldview that financially successful people got to where they are all on their own.

Hour 2 One reason conservatives might be in support of torture because of the way it frames the issue foreign relations. When we look beyond the humanity of the tortured victim in the war between good and evil, we lose our own humanity.

Hour 3 Free trade in Columbia – will result in human rights violations, and yet the President condones it. And back home he is vying for union support in his re-election. Well now isn’t that funny?

Does religion always get a free ride? Why religion is so taboo in engaging people in debate when everything else is acceptable.