Tuesday April 24,2012

Summary: Democrats taking the 99% for granted. Marginalizing Moms. The war on EVERYTHING. CISPA – yet another installment in the attack on our rights. Making war appealing.

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Show Notes/Links
Hour 1 Are Democrats taking the union vote for granted Unions are wondering why Obama is making their job more difficult with things like the Columbian free trade agreement.

“The candidates have to decide whether they represent the 99 percent or the one percent,” Trumka continued. “Each time this happens, it obscures the clearness with which the president represents the 99 percent.” ~Greg Sargent, Washington Post

The war on… Can we come up with a better phrase than “war on…”? Commentary on the polarizing effect of using the term ‘war’ in the context of any issue.

Hour 2Talking about work, and motherhood. Apparently, according to Mitt Romney, all the tasks of motherhood is idleness, unless the mother is independently wealthy.

Hour 3 Big government is at it again, invading our right to privacy. End of America? The kind of government we have is irrelevant as long as they can convince us that there is an imminent threat or it will make our gas cheaper… even if that is a lie, they can snow us into supporting war. Also commentary on the upcoming G8/NATO Summit.