Wednesday April 12,2012

Summary:Majority of Americans say war in Afghanistan was a bad idea; Military spending & the fight against big government; Food and Urban Justice;

Ronnie VanBuren, from Our Kitchen Table.

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Show Notes/Links:
Hour 1:An ABC News survey finds the majority of Americans say the war in Afghanistan was not worth fighting. The connection between military spending and how we treat others with a disregard for life.

Also, Ronnie VanBuren, from Our Kitchen Table, talks about what he organization is doing to help people living in urban areas who face issues of lead, asthma, and food justice. Our Kitchen Table will be at the May Day Celebration in Grand Rapids on April 28. Our Kitchen Table has partnered with to offer Food Justice courses beginning in May.

Hour 2: When it comes to war, conservatives face a conundrum when talking about the size of government while increasing military spending. The role of lobbying on both sides and fuzzy math.

Also, how really important issues get glassed over in partisan politics. At the same time, there is a growing trend and movement toward authenticity, transparency, and knowing that their opinion matters. The Internet and social media is the catalyst of this cultural shift, people are actually coming together, in spite of the partisans who work to divide. Post-cool reaching beyond the Hatfields & the McCoy’s.

Hour 3:Ireena Keeslar, Arrested in Indiana for Practicing Midwifery.

Zimmerman officially charged. What does the future hold for him if he is found to be not guilty by a court, or even if he is convicted?