Dixon Arnett on the trend toward electing an Independent Presidential candidate; Pete Hoekstra’s fiscal irresponsibility; Rush Limbaugh; Kirk Cameron’s comments about gay people; Catholicism & Partisanship; Labor & Right to Work; Press4Pax Listener Contest.

Guest: Dixon Arnett, author of Galahad’s Quest

Today is Super Tuesday, when voters in ten states
across the country will select their choice to be the
GOP presidential nominee. The candidates are barnstorming across the country, each attempting to convince you they are the clear choice for the Republican ticket.

We’ll be talking today about what the implications for today’s results could mean for the contest against President Obama, and for the future of the country. Plus, we have Dixon Arnett as our guest during our first hour, asking the question – Is America ready to step aside from partisan politics and elect an Independent candidate. If so, who would the Independent be who could pull this off and what impact would it have on getting things done in Washington, D.C.?

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