Rachel Maddow posted this status update to her Facebook wall on Feb. 7, 2012, in reference to a blog entitled “American Future Fund Takes Aim at Obama, Irony,” written by Steve Benen on The Maddow Blog.

“First they said President Obama was too tough on Wall Street. Now, the same group says he’s too cozy. If the right would just pick a caricature and stick with it, their criticisms would at least be more coherent.”

I was #117 to comment. He’s my reply:

Rachel, I generally agree with you, but your partisanship is getting the best of you on this one.  

First, why call it a caricature? Is Obama too cozy on Wall Street? Of course he is. Granted, it’s an election year; as Americans have come to expect, the values and ideals espoused by candidates during the meantime dividing one election year from another fade into oblivion once primaries and caucuses are open for business. 

Second, this is a mere either/or. Whether American Future Fund are flip-flops isn’t really at stake here; neither are their motives. What is at stake – in fact, the only thing at stake – is whether the position currently taken by American Future Fund is correct. 

Truth is, Rachel, you know this much to be true. After all, you’re one of the brightest pundits on televisions… at least in my estimation.

View American Future Fund ad here.